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            New equipment for testing coating colors and surface energies

            Apr 8, 2020

            New functional coatings are continuously being developed for sustainable barrier materials, coated boards and specialties.

            The rheology and surface tension of coating colors are critical for successful coating applications coupled with the desired end quality. As such, KCL has invested and improved in its level of equipment in the coating pilot laboratory. It is now possible to get these features tested during a coating trial – almost in real time – for fast decisions on runnability during the trial.

            The ACA AX-100 is a new viscometer that offers rheology measurements at very high shear rates ranging from approx. 100 000 1/s to 1 000 000 1/s. The Krüss Force Tensiometer – K20 measures the surface tension on coating colors or surface sizes.

            The KCL laboratory is well equipped for measuring, examining and verifying your pilot trial samples. We measure contact angles and surface energy of your pilot material with our new Fibro ETIX equipment. We utilize several methods for testing barrier properties against water, oil, fat and water vapor. We test blocking of your barrier material and we can verify and demonstrate if the material is recyclable or not. Moreover, we are in the developmental phase of a biodegradability test that should be available to our customers within the next few weeks. KCL will notify you when this service is available.

            For more information and help in planning and designing the testing, you are welcome to contact our customer service manager Eva Sandås.