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            KCL is a small scale paper and board mill coupled with a comprehensive printing house. This mill like environment is unique and enables the implementation of a wide range of laboratory and pilot scale testing and production activities.

            KCL offers a unique pilot and laboratory scale environment for testing, production, scale-ups, demonstrations along with process design and construction located in a centralized site. KCL is an ideal platform for developing existing products and processes. It also serves as an innovative new product developer derived from furthering the science of paper and board. Biomaterial based new products can be found and developed through complete utilization of KCL’s advanced equipment and expertise.

            KCL provides an infrastructure where customers’ own ideas and equipment can be tailored and fitted into the process. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise is included in the services we provide our customers.

            Our customers come from

            Our efficient staff has experience from all types of pilot or laboratory trials. We serve all customers with the highest degree of integrity and confidentiality.

            Read more about us and the benefits we can offer our customers.

            Latest news

            News archive
            Apr 8, 2020

            New functional coatings are continuously being developed for sustainable barrier materials, coated boards and specialties.

            Apr 8, 2020

            How to apply a small amount of material on a surface?

            Apr 8, 2020

            KCL is providing all its services as normal, despite the challenging times. Please note that customer visits are currently suspended.

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